Different Types Of Uniforms That Are Both Professional & Comfortable

Different Types Of Uniforms That Are Both Professional & Comfortable

Uniforms give an identity. They show that you belong to a particular institution or a company. Uniforms are expected to be worn at the discretion of the management. While choosing a uniform it is important to select something which is right and appropriate. Uniform selected should be suitable for the related business and the industry. It should also be apt and comfortable for the nature of the job. A person working in a restaurant and a person working in factory cannot have the same type of uniform. It will not only look odd but also uncomfortable. The comfort level required for various industries will be different. Therefore uniforms have to be selected keeping in mind about the profession and comfort level. House of Uniforms, the best uniform supplier shop in Qatar designs and manufactures different types of uniforms suitable for various industries and institutions. Known as the leading supplier of professional uniforms Qatar, House of Uniforms is equipped with excellent infrastructure and talented team.

An overview about the types of uniforms suited for different industries.


Scrubs are the uniforms which are usually worn by the medical professionals. They can be worn by both men and women. Along with the standard type of scrubs there are also scrubs which can be made according to different requirements. Warm- up jackets, surgical gowns, lab coats short coats are the other types of medical uniforms. Since there is high chance of staining these uniforms are made of good quality material.


According to the work done by the employees, restaurants offer several kinds of uniforms. The dresses chefs wear are mainly coats or plain button-up with pants. Whereas servers are given smock wrap shirts or plain button up with pants. Aprons and cooler coats are the other types of clothing which are used in restaurants. These uniforms are made from materials which do not shrink.


Depending on the type of the industry, industrial uniform also changes. Working in high risk environment requires more protective uniform compared to a low risk environment.

Long pants with short/long sleeves are the uniforms which are usually worn in most of the industries. These uniforms are made with good quality durable materials. Sometimes Touchflex technology is also incorporated to make the uniform more comfortable.


Automotive uniforms get stained easily, hence dresses made of materials which can withstand such stains of oil and other lubricants are worn. Jackets, coveralls, long/short sleeve button-up shirts or long/short sleeve polo are the commonly used type of clothing.


Button down shirts with long and short sleeve are preferred in corporate. Denim and polo shirts are also worn. They can be formal as well as causal giving a professional look. Comfortable and professional at the same time corporate uniforms are designed to be suitable for meetings and presentations.


Uniforms in hospitality industry range from coats, pants, smocks, button-up shirts with long/short sleeves and many more. These can be made as per various requirements. Since these uniforms have to be cleaned rigorously materials which are durable are used for its manufacturing.

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