Keeping Your Cleaning Staff Uniforms Clean and Looking Professional

Keeping Your Cleaning Staff Uniforms Clean and Looking Professional

Every piece of clothing must include care instructions by law. These guidelines serve as a manual for taking the simplest, albeit not always ideal, care of your wardrobe.

Although dry cleaning is frequently advised for suits, there are other ways to maintain your work clothes without running up a huge dry cleaning expense.

Being one of the best cleaning staff uniforms supplier in Qatar, here we give you some tips and tricks on how to keep your uniform clean and professional.

  • Dry Clean

Anything made entirely of silk, structured suits (including those with woven, rather than knit-based linings), 100% wool clothing, 100% linen clothing, and structured jackets and coats made entirely of leather or fur should be spot-cleaned and refreshed with fabric refresher, or lightly steamed. 

Suits should primarily be dry-cleaned, and we advise doing so no more frequently than once every three months and only when absolutely required. Blot with a moist cloth if necessary.

  • Pressed

Have the dress pressed rather than dry cleaned if you were caught in the rain, wore it on a humid day, or it is wrinkled. Your suit’s wool fabric’s nap will be fluffed up rather than matted down, which will restore its appearance.

  • Handwash

Anything made of lightweight polyester or a silk blend should be hand washed. Wash blends of silk and linen in cold water, then drip-dry. Wringing will result in excessive wrinkling, which might skew the yarns and seams. 

Avoid doing this. Utilize a mild detergent designed to increase the lifespan of materials. This is a fantastic method for maintaining dress shirts.

  • Machine Wash

Dress shirts with a cotton base or a blend of natural and/or synthetic fibres should be cleaned using this technique. Blended sweaters and suit vests with at least 60% cotton by weight can be machine-washed on gentle; 

However, as hanging sweaters will cause them to lose their form, reshape them after washing and lay them flat to dry. Use a mild detergent designed to prolong the life of fabrics, and then use a heated iron to softly touch up.

  • Turn Clothes Inside Out

This rule applies to anything that is deeply indigo or black coloured, as well as anything that is color-blocked (particularly with white in it) or has adornment or detail. 

By washing in this manner, cross-staining from a dark hue to a light colour is prevented. Dress pants respond well to this; you may also wash them on permanent press to prevent further wrinkling.

Pro Tips:

When considering healthcare, one thing comes to mind: hygiene. The attire, including any medical scrubs, must be immaculately clean. In order to assist get rid of all the stains and bacteria, healthcare uniforms must be washed at high temperatures.

The majority of people who utilise PPE and hi-vis clothes are probably individuals who work on construction sites. The staff may need to be visible at all times while performing these tasks, therefore it’s critical to keep the retroreflective materials clean and free of contaminants that could impair their effectiveness. However, washing hi-vis clothing at extremely high temperatures or with specific chemicals might cause harm.

Make sure to turn the garment inside out before washing in the machine to prevent any significant fabric damage. Additionally, set the water to a lukewarm temperature and use a mild detergent. Once more, we advise you to carefully read the label.


While routine washing is required to keep your uniforms (and the employees wearing them) looking spotless, every item of clothing eventually reaches a point where wear and tear have become too much for it. According on the materials used in their construction, the settings they are exposed to, and the uses to which they are put, uniforms often last between one and four years.

House of Uniform, uniform manufacturer in Qatar, is ready to share our knowledge and vast selection of workwear solutions when it’s time to upgrade your company’s wardrobe. We’re confident that we have a wide selection of options that will work for any profession or business, regardless of the industry you work in or the type of uniform you need.

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