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We are an internationally known uniform company with a presence in Qatar. We have long been supplying custom uniforms for a wide range of industries, including retail stores, corporates, airlines, schools and the hospitality sector. We have vast experience in manufacturing and supplying quality custom-made uniforms. Options for custom uniforms are limited to just your imagination. As a uniform supplier in Qatar, we can customize any form of uniform and offer ready-made products that will play a part in your business or organization’s branding. We can help you brand each uniform with your message and logo to help optimize your new branding strategy.

We prioritize customer satisfaction, as we know that it matters for us as a uniform supplier company Qatar location. We ensure that all uniforms and orders fit you perfectly. High-quality design and manufacturing standards, consistently reliable shipping and so forth help us to maintain long-standing customer relationships. Whatever the complexity of your orders are, and however small or big your organizational requirements are, we promise to deliver a customized and comprehensive solution.

As a uniform supplier in Qatar, we realize that all organizations have unique requirements. We offer 100% custom uniform solutions for organizations from various industries. With long-time relationships with customers from many industries, we have enough experience and expertise to deliver one-of-a-kind solutions for your organizational needs. Our design, manufacturing, leadership and customer service personnel always focus on understanding client requirements and contributing to their success.

Uniforms convey a great deal about maintaining a professional and consistent image of your workers. It is important to maintain the image to attract guests and set your business apart from your competitors. Uniforms will make a difference to your business and will be what clients expect when they approach it. Uniforms play a part in visual merchandising and branding, and so do we in the capacity of a uniform supplier company Qatar location.

We use elite engineering, a rigorous system of project management, and world-class apparel design services so that we can play a big role in the marketing of numerous brands. From conceptualization to creation, our clientele is involved in all facets of manufacturing. We keep expanding our capabilities with high-end equipment, new technology, and an adept team having years of experience in uniform manufacturing and distribution.

For Branding, uniforms play a vital role and with our expertise, we understand this very well. The uniform worn by the employee is a reflection of the organization he/she belongs to and the value system this organization lives by. This makes the uniform one of the most important element of creating an organization’s first impression. Even before the client gets in contact for the business. He/she has already observed and created a perception of the organization by looking at its employees, apparently the only way for them to know which organization an employee belongs to, is by looking at their uniform.

The team at HOUSE OF UNIFORM strive tirelessly to create the uniforms with utmost quality, latest techniques and practical designs. Our production and quality testing standards are set in accordance to the parameters accepted internationally. The most important factor in our way of operation is the relationship with our customers.

From drawing board to finished garment, sewing and fitting, the designers at UNIFORM FACTORY set aside adequate time to create a customize styled uniform for your staff that reflects your business in its true essence. These are some of the ethics that have made us Qatar’s leading supplier and manufacturer of uniform.


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